Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Verizon Wireless' New Phones = Suprisingly Sexy

(photo from engadget mobile)

For those of you who use Verizon Wireless (probably 90% of the people I know around here) and are planning on getting a new phone, you might want to wait a month because they are about to launch a bunch of new phones.

Their headliner is the LG Voyager (the one on the far right). It's the upgrade of the enV. What is so special about it is that not only does it open up to reveal a qwerty keyboard, but the front is a touch screen. Those of you that are currently rocking the enV (myself included) know how the front screen is tiny and bulky.
The supposed release date for this phone is November 18th. A price hasn't been set yet, but you can expect it to put a significant dent in your wallet.

The other releases include the Samsung Juke (far left) is their entry-line phone "with a unique swivel action that quickly swings open to talk." It has a notable 2gb's worth of memory and will be released October 21st.

Next, they have the Blackberry Pearl, which is pretty much like the other Blackberr(ies?) except it has EV-DO and a headphone jack. The expected release date is November 1st.

Then there's the LG Venus, which looks like an upgrade to the Chocolate. The difference is that it has a "dual screen" setup, where the bottom screen is touch sensitive. It'll be out on November 4th.

I only got my phone in July, so I do have some buyer's remorse. I try to make myself feel better by recognizing that I won't be spending ungodly amounts of money on something I'll scratch up in a day. I still want the voyager though :x