Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You Can't Ever Go Wrong with Some PB&J

In response to my friend Julia's insightful post on the status of our favorite show, The Office, this season, I thought I'd throw my two cents in. Valid points were made, shrewd observations were had, and for a more articulate (but opposite) version of what I'm about to say, you should just read her post.

The thing I love most about the Office is how real they manage to keep the show, despite its moments of slapstick comedy and unbelievable characters. Because in the midst of all the cringe-worthy Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute moments, we need a moral grounding that keeps the show believable. Pam and Jim (hence known as PB&J from this point on) is the show's heart. This doesn't mean the show revolves around them, nor do I think it should despite my die-hard love for these characters, but it does mean we get the normal, straightman types to balance out the wacky. I think the writers have managed to do a great job balancing the broad comedy of the show with heart.

However, enough was enough. More than three seasons of keeping PB&J apart for the sake of making exciting television or to avoid the Moonlighting curse would have been the road taken by a lesser show. I too had reservations about seeing PB&J together this season. After all these seasons of pining for each other, would being together take away from the unrequieted love tension these two had built? But the witty banter and awful cuteness and the chemistry between John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer is still there, so PB&J works. It also works because the rest of the cast still play central roles in providing laughs and situations that only the Office can pull off week to week.

Kudos to the Office writers and producers for realizing that if there are no more reasons to keep these characters apart, then they should be togther, simple as that. Also kudos for rewarding the fans. It's pretty awesome when a show is able to do that and still remain true to the essence of the show. I have complete faith in this season and in good ol' PB&J.