Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warning: Racial Humor

Friday night at a friend's house...

Me: "I wonder what it would be like to have a Latino College, you know like Black Colleges. The only thing is that I'd doubt anyone would show up for class. Damn lazy Mexicans."

Black Guy: "Yea but you guys would have some great landscaping."

Asian Guy: "There would have to be a class called 'Moving With Boxes 101.'"

Black Guy: "And think about how much you would save on construction. A whole building would cost you 1 or 2 thousand tops."

Me: "But you know, the college could be all Latinos but the dean would still be Korean."

Asian Guy: "You need someone to tell them what to do."

Surgeon General Warning! Racial jokes can be dangerous to the social mood. Racial jokes should only be used by and around people with a sense of humor. Failure to do so will result in whining, bitching, and in some cases ass kicking.


Anonymous said...

lmao, nice one jorge...