Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stuff [Fill in the Blank] Like

A few months ago, Yuri wrote about one of our favorite blogs ever, Stuff White People Like. Since then, SWPL has taken off, garnering heavy media coverage and even spawning a book deal for Christian Lander, the creator of the blog. You know you're a cultural phenomenon when you land a book deal, but your status in pop culture history is cemented when you inspire a dozen parodies/counterparts, as Lander's idea has done. Not white and can't relate? Not a problem! Check out: Stuff Asian People Like, Stuff Desis Like, Stuff Educated Black People Like, Stuff Nobody Likes, Stuff College People Like, Stuff God Hates, I mean it goes on and on and on.

Nothing beats the original, but for me, this comes really close: Stuff Korean Moms Like. HILARIOUS. Honestly, my mom isn't the typical Korean mom, but #42 Paper and Plastic Bags pretty much describes her to a T:
If you are like me, you know the worst thing you can do is throw out an empty paper or plastic bag in front of your Korean Mom. She will cry out as if her latest Korean Drama has been canceled, and shout "YAH!"(YOU!) in her loud, super sonic Korean Mom voice. As soon as either paper or plastic bag enters the Korean Mom's domain they are meticulously folded or knotted into complicated designs and stored in a drawer or cupboard for future use.

Ahahahaha. There you have it, folks, some new sites to peruse when you are mindlessly bored at work.


sang said...

I need a job to peruse around these sites, otherwise it wouldn't be as fun.