Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drinks Of The Day


When the crew at LIB goes out, we usually end up buying the same drinks over and over the whole night. Not anymore. Next time we party we will be getting a Tequila Slammer. A Tequila Slammer is made of one part tequila and one part carbonated beverage. I've never had a Tequila Slammer, but Tequila+Ginger Ale sounds exquisite to me. 9.3 rating on

Non Alcoholic

If you're in the mood for something less drunk-y and closer to home, I would definitely recommend getting the Passion Fruit Bubble Tea at Gene's Cafe in Palisades Park. The sweet and sour taste of passion fruit in a cool bubble tea form make for a heavenly summer drink.


Julia Park said...

their taro, green tea, and coffee flavoured ones are good too, in slushy or watery form

sang said...

the mango tango smoothie at Balleys FTW!

Anonymous said...

It's not totally obvious, but sometimes folks don't know to do the slam part of the Tequilla Slammer. Then they look at you crazy when you tell them what they're supposed to do because they think you're trying to trick them and that the shot glass will instead shatter all over the counter.

Howard said...

oh sabg. we shall have ourselves a mango tango tomorrow!