Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys Wrap Up!

Nothing much to say about the Grammys except:

* Jason Mraz got ROBBED! I would've been ok with him losing to pretty much everyone else in the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance category but John Mayer. I have nothing against John Mayer. I just think the song he was nominated and won for, Say, is his worst. You will remember I'm Yours years from now, Say, not so much.

* M.I.A. should get a T-shirt printed up... "I performed at the Grammys on my due date and all I got was this lousy shirt." Girlfriend looked uber cute and uber preggers performing with the "Rap Pack" (Jay-Z, T.I.,Kanye West, Lil Wayne). I was afraid she was going to pop on stage - according to the CBS' exec VP of specials and live events, she went into contractions when the show went live at 8pm. The producers asked her to hang on till' 10pm, when she was set to perform, and she did. =P

* Adele for Best New Artist!! Most deserving out of everyone else in that category. I would've cried if the Jonas Brothers won. But, to their credit, they did put on a hot performance of Burnin' Up and Superstition with Stevie Wonder.

* Chris Brown is in deep doodoo for allegedly smacking up his girlfriend Rihanna. They were both scheduled to perform at the Grammys but pulled out of the show because of the arrest/attack. I'm a bit mad at Chris, because yes, beating up your girlfriend is a major nono, but honestly, I was looking forward to seeing Rihanna perform Live Your Life/Disturbia. Poop. Idk what to think of this whole thing. The fallout has already begun, with Wrigley's suspending their Doublemint campaign with Chris Brown until the mess is cleared up.

*And I give you...the best performance of the evening.


christina said...

mraz totally got robbed!!! :(
i hate john mayer.

sang said...

the link doesnt work >_<