Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Korean Moms are Funny

Throughout the past 23ish years of my life, I've received my fair share of little notes of reminders and such from my mom. Honestly, I wonder what goes through her 파마 머리 (permed head) when she's rushing in the morning, and stopping to write out a quick little note to me. "Hm, should I write it in Korean? Nah, she can barely understand Korean (true to some degree -_-) .. let me show off my English skillz and leave her a note in English!"

From notes telling me "Putting them in the bank" (depositing checks for her), my mom's English isn't as bad as others.

For more convincing, check out My Mom is a Fob, a site in which kids across the Internet can submit their very own proof as to why their mom is a fob.

My favorite of these sites that focus on the weirdisms of moms? Definitely Stuff Korean Moms Like. So true, that it's scary.


Jen Shin said...

This is the convo I had with my mom this morning, as she creepily stared at me eating b-fast:

Mom: Do people actually like you at work?
Me: ... Um, yeah I guess so. I still have a job.
Mom: Oh ok. I just don't want you to be a wangddah/loser.
Me: Hey! I have 1 friend at work, OK??