Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Open Letter to Jon & Kate Gosselin

Dear Gosselins,

I love you guys, I love your kids, I love your show. My love for your show has been well documented, and I have a ton of your episodes saved on my DVR for those rainy days. I wanted to be your nanny and steal little Leah cause she is so darn cute. But my love for you and your brood has been waning lately, and I'm sorry to say that it is your fault. I know it's not easy living in the spotlight, especially if you're not a rock star or an actor or someone who is expected to be followed around by the paparazzi. But, whether you like it or not, because your show has been a surprise and steady hit for TLC, that makes you guys public figures and media targets. Rumblings about things not being happy-go-lucky as you guys seem on the show have been around forever. But the marital strife rumors floating around the past month have just become ridiculous. And what's worse is your response to them.

You guys have ALWAYS said that you started the show because you wanted memories of your kids. It makes sense, since you have 8 of them, and it's a bit hard to take pictures and videotape them in the midst of actually taking care of them (ARE YOU LISTENING, OCTOMOM??). But you guys have always said your family is priority, and that when the show stopped being fun for you, or did harm to the kids, you'd stop. Well, what part of being on the cover of US Weekly 3 weeks in a row is fun? What part of going on national television to defend your marriage is not doing harm to your kids?? And what in God's name are you doing, Kate, by speaking to People about your marriage quite possibly ending???

Listen guys. I know it's not as simple as pulling the plug on your show. I'm sure you're contractually obligated to do more seasons and promote the hell out of the show, and blah blah. But why can't you deal with this privately instead of being on EVERY tabloid magazine in the nation? Who do you think you are, Paris Hilton?? You've said in every interview that it was a private matter, Kate, but then you go and tell People magazine details of your marriage struggles? Unfreakinbelievable. It's such a coinkydink that all of this is happening while you are on a book press tour, btw. I thought you said you wrote the books for your kids to have? Then why is traveling all over the country to promote it more important than being at home with your kids? Have you and Jon just both decided to stop thinking of your kids?

I don't even know what to think anymore. If this is some publicity stunt to drum up interest for the Season 5 premiere of your show, as some people think it is, well then that's pretty darn sad. But if your marriage is really in the crapper, like it increasingly and alarmingly looks to be, well, then I think you guys should be working something out, behind the scenes. I don't even know if I'm going to watch this season. I'm distressed about this whole thing. Your poor poor kids. They deserve better than the immaturity you both have been displaying as of late.


Julia Park said...

I hate her hair.

Lauren Martz Hertel said...

I hate how obsessive compulsive she is, and how wonderful everybody seems to think she is. I realize that she had 6 babies all at once, but there's nothing spectacular about a woman who is often more concerned with her children's sanitation than their being comforted and cared for. And now it would seem that she is completely obsessed with how she looks, how their family looks, so much so that their previous declarations of doing the best for their children are being traded for meeting the expectations of publishers and executives.